Dear Able Guys & Girls,

Wow! What a house warming gift. You really surprised us. Thank you so much for the towels, dish cloth and gift certificate. We will soon be shipping at Pier One to find just the right item for our home and to find something to help us to remember all of you.

You’ve worked so hard on our house to make it just right for us. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your work, working with you and to take an opportunity to say “thank you.”

We’ve lived here eight months now and have enjoyed every minute of that time. Part of our enjoyment has been recognizing the quality of workmanship that went into the construction. Not every Able Homebuilders’ homeowner has the opportunity to complete the finish work on a house and see the quality of construction. We have had that opportunity and are pleased with what we find on the surface and behind the scenes. It’s not difficult to see why you were named Siouxland Builder of the Year for 1999. We’re very pleased our home could be one of your projects for such an exciting year for Able Homebuilders.

All of you have been a pleasure to work with throughout the project, and we’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you.

Thank you to your entire staff and subcontractors for everything you’ve done for us.

Roger and Joy