Melanie and I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the wonderful job you did in building our lake home. From the start you were there to assist us in designing the home, moving walls, where’s the best place to put a water heater and furnace, what size of heat pump was best for this house in the climate zone we are in, etc. You provided so many options for us to choose from we felt we could really design a custom home that suits our needs now as well as our future retirement years.

Since this is not a primary residence for us it was important that this home be built extremely energy efficient. WOW, what low heating and cooling bills we have. The home is never too hot and never too cold, always just perfect.

The quality in which you have built our dream home is top notch. Never have I felt safer in a summer storm and just as cozy in a winter blizzard. The home is airtight and built to last many lifetimes. The craftsmanship is equally impressive. Beautifully designed rooms and flowing walkways. Rounded corners on every wall edge, flooring that makes walking from room to room a pleasure and an entryway that announces a spectacular home. A wood stove that has already had many fish (mostly lies I’m sure) stories told by it and s’mores made for the children.

On a final note, the deck and dock combination you built is the talk of the canals. What a beautiful place to sit and watch the time go by. I sit out there for hours watching my children and grandchildren fish and play.

Thanks for the wonder future memories.

P.S. we’ve purchased a lot across the street and look forward to you building a garage (toy box) for us in the coming years.

David and Melanie Sonier